Investment in Technology

At Litterboss and Betta Kleen we have continuously invested in technology to provide our clients with the most up to date management information available on the market.

Winter Maintenance

After the heavy winters of 2009 / 10 and 2010 / 11, we recognised the need to move from a labour intensive based reporting system labour intensive to an electronic one.

This resulted in a review of a number of solutions, both bespoke and off the shelf, which helped define both our internal and client needs.

We took the decision to develop our own mobile applications and a complete online reporting system, this would be the most effective and give us exactly what the customers required to provide fast and accurate information in real time.  Our initial system went live in October 2011 and during the first year resulted in a paper usage reduction of more than 90%. Along side this our customers were now receiving the best management information available in our industry.

We have invested continuously in this system, taking our customers, area managers and service delivery staff feedback in order to deliver significant improvements each summer.

With over 750,000 visits completed using version 1 of the system, and after 6 years of annual updates, in 2017 we are now developing version 2 which will enable us to provide an even smoother service and features for our customers.

Some of the features our system provides are:

  • Client dashboard to review work across the season by site
  • Work forecasting notifications by email before 9am for clients, area managers and individual locations
  • Operator tracking – showing the area that service was delivered in
  • GPS confirmation of operator being on site
  • Digitally captured visit report – with customer representative signature and zero paper waste
  • Notification of issues faced on site
  • Photographs captured of conditions on site

Our system is constantly considered best in the industry by our customers.

Litterboss Estates Maintenance

A bespoke application has been designed for The LitterBoss Area Manager to be able to deliver a detailed report on the condition of the client’s site. All Area Managers have been supplied with an Android based tablet, with 3G capability, ensuring they are able to communicate effectively anywhere in The UK.

The application is password controlled, and once accessed, gives the Area Manager an overview of the sites he is responsible for and is sorted by GPS co-ordinates. On arriving to site the Area Manager is presented with the option to open a report. This tabulated report is modelled on our Site Management Report and covers all contracted areas of the site as well as including a Health & Safety section which must be completed in order to successfully send. The Manager has the ability to attach photographs and comments to each topic using a simple interface. Once completed the report is submitted and the Manager is returned to the main screen and can proceed to their next site.

The completed report is then received in to a bespoke back end management system which can be set up to automatically send to any number of recipients. The format of the report has been designed to appear as a one page document with any photographs attached as a tabulated second page.

LitterBoss Operational staff, at Head Office, have access to the system and can monitor in real time, the effectiveness of the Area Manager and a number of other key performance metrics.

A number of safeguards have been built in to the system to ensure accuracy of reporting and proof of delivery. A report can only be successfully completed if the Manager is actually on-site and confirmed by GPS location. All photographs are also time and GPS stamped to give proof of delivery.

Further enhancements to the system are planned over the coming months which will include a dedicated customer portal to allow client’s access to their site based information, along with an Area Manager and Contractor’s log-in area which can then be further developed. LitterBoss Maintenance and Landscaping teams will be the next operational area to be included in the scheme with a view to all planned tasks being reported through the system.